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Massage Auburn, CA

If you are looking for a professional massage in Auburn, CA, you have come to the right place. Our licensed massage therapists can greatly help in relieving your back, neck, and joint pain.

Massage therapy is a powerful compliment to chiropractic care in addition to being one of the most relaxing experiences you can have.

Meet Our Auburn, CA Massage Therapists

Cheryl Wainwright CNMT
Cheryl joined us in 1993 After completing her neuromuscular training at Heartwood Institute.

James Wainwright HHP. CAMT.
Jim Joined us in 1995 after working in Happy Camp California. Jim received his certification from Heartwood Institute.

Gilbert S. Smith III CMT.
Gilbert Joined us in 2005 after receiving his certification in massage therapy at Healing Arts Institute. Gilbert has added abdominal massage to his repertoire of therapeutic Swedish massage.

Call us at (530) 885-8205 to schedule your massage today!

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